Marrick is your accident claim solution. From automobile accidents to slip and falls, uninsured patients, attorneys, doctors, and hospitals involved in the accident claim process need help. Marrick’s proven program opens doors for attorneys and their clients to get necessary medical treatment, while our proprietary WRx management system collects the maximum reimbursement for every medical provider and hospital treating these accident victims. With Marrick, there is always recovery.

WRx Accident Claim Management

Marrick WRx gets you paid MORE on your accident claims. Quicker payments, increased revenue, and no hassle: that’s the WRx Solution. Our proven management system and experience ensures that every accident claim is handled properly, rewarding you with the financial outcome you’ve been waiting for.

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Accident Related Medical Care

Accidents happen. Many times, those injured in accidents are without health insurance and can’t pay for quality medical care. Marrick Medical is your solution. Attorneys gain access to top-notch doctors for their clients while those same doctors are ensured that their bills are paid. Marrick makes accident claims simple!

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For Patients

This is patient advocacy at its best! With no up-front costs or out-of-pocket expense, Marrick helps accident patients get their medical bills paid. Avoid co-pays, deductibles, negative credit reporting, and collection calls by allowing Marrick to find other payers responsible for your medical bills associated with an accident claim.

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